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Gome dance and its relation to the Kpanlogo dance-People of Greater Accra, Ghana

Drums accompanied by exuberant clapping and singing makes this dance performed by the people of Greater Accra very entertaining.

The Kpanlogo dance is a very recreational, educational and entertaining form of art which involves more music as well as energetic movement. It came about in the 1960s among the exuberant youth of the Ga land. This dance is performed everywhere, it does not necessarily focus on occasions, meaning, it can be performed during working in the Ga community, as their main occupation is fishing. Again its main purpose is to entertain as well as release stress of a long day work.

Some energetic men performing the Kpanlogo dance during work at the seaside.

The Kpanlogo dance is said to have borrowed some of its many moves and styles from a dance called ‘Gome’, which really originated in the Ga-Adangbe community by the youth there. want to know a little about the Gome dance? , ok then follow along as I tell you something about the dance. The Gome dance is one of the dances that really seeks to entice its audience, where a young man and woman dance in a comical way to educate its audience , its education can be on sanitation,importance of education, marriage and many other things that will bring positivity and development in the society, as it also seek to let its audience know the importance and effect of practicing them.

A man and a woman performing the ‘Gome dance’.

Now, the Kpanlogo dance is often addressed as ‘sextual’, one would ask why?, its so because, of how men and women display in the act of dancing and also the songs they normally sing when performing this dance. The words in most of them are very ‘sexually related words’.Therefore this dance is normally perform by the youth. But again it really teaches its audience on the issues of life.

Some men and women performing the dance on an occasion also dressed in their traditional attire.

The dance, is performed by individuals turning their right leg and right hand to a side where they also look in that direction of the legs and hands, they then do same with the left leg and hand also looking in that left direction following their leg and hand movement, this can be done at a spot or with movement in the process, when this act goes on for a while, the women then tend to make a jump and then start bending a little and shaking the buttocks to the men in a rotating manner, the men then tend to pass over the women as they bend on the ground twisting their backs to attract the men.Now, one would be wondering ,why different attires are being used in performing this art as seen in the pictures?, Well, this dance does not really have a specific attire for performing it.An individual can wear anything comfortable to perform this dance.

Men and women performing the entertaining ‘Kpanlogo dance’

Some children singing and performing to the ‘Kpanlogo dance’ with glorious smiles on.

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